Our Social Value

At Hands 4 Wellbeing we are very focused in how our service helps and supports our clients.

We are now asking our clients on a regular basis a few questions understand the social value of our service.

1)  What do you value about our service?

Relaxation, The girls. They are on social media which means I can keep updated on how they are doing. Time to unstress and relax and shut things out. Learnt to do a few exercises. Look forward to them coming to us each Monday.

2) What difference has H4W made to your life?

Eases discomfort for few hours and walk a bit better, I feel more relaxed, adds flexibility to my body and is part of my routine, learnt to take time our for me and the feel good feeling, relief from pain and now comfortable.

3) Would you recommend our service

Yes, definitely, relaxing. Good experience for all abilities and enjoyable. Yes, Its important to look after yourself. This is a good way to chill out.  Yes, very nice ladies, very socialable and caring. Everyone should try it.