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Hands 4 Wellbeing is a not for profit enterprise which focuses on providing Complementary Therapy for people affected by, receiving treatment for or living with a long term medical condition or Cancer.

The information you provide will be captured during your initial consultation with us and we will ask to you confirm the information is accurate and you are happy to receive a treatment by signing this form.  We will update this information each time we support / see you.

Your personal data will not be shared with anyone else or any third party and is captured for the sole purpose of ensuring your treatments are safe, and support how you feel each time we see you.  We will destroy /shredded your records 3 years after your last consultation with us

We do hold medical malpractice insurance through our professional body The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

You can request access to the information we hold about you at any time – please contact us directly by calling us or by dropping your request through an email.

We are getting excited…

We have been shortlisted for the Federation of Holistic Therapists Excellence Awards in November for Complementary Therapist of the year.

We have developed a self help card to help popular symptoms we all experience from time highlighting the reflex points on the hand.

This unique card shows the hands as you see them before you and indicates the areas on the hand which help bring support.

We have sold these to clients to help between treatments, supplied fellow therapists for their clients, developed wellbeing workshops to include these aelf helpn techniques and theyvare perfect as a get well gift..

Wish us luck…we will let you know how we get on….

Give Hand Reflexology a try with our Self Help Cards..

We have developed some great hand reflexology self help cards highlighting commons situations which we all find ourselves experiencing from

These A5 sized cards will show you the relevant Reflexology points on your hands and the sequence in which to massage them in order to bring about support.

Common situations included on the card are

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Uplifting

Please visit our shop to buy one on line, they are only £4.79 – instructions are included along with information as to why these points are relevant to you and the symptom you are experiencing from.


Our treatment packages

We specialise in improving the quality of life for those clients with a long term medical condition or who have been affected by or had treatment for Cancer.

We can provide a range of treatment package for you to choose from

  • Appointments at our Community Clinic at Blurton Hub once a month. 30 Minutes or 45 minutes ranging from £15 to £22.50
  • Home appointments lasting 50 minutes  at £28 per session
  • Carer’s package – don’t want to have 50 minutes but want a home visit – why not share it with your carer?
  • Run a support group and have a few clients that would benefit then please contact us as we already service several groups in Stoke on a regular basis can offer competitive rates.

Our treatments are tailored to how you want to feel supported at the time we see you. This can range from Therapeutic massage, use of Aromatherapy oils, Reflexology or Acupressure.  We can incorporate Mindfulness techniques during the treatment which can add greater benefit.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment or call us to discuss your requirements.

Learn more about our Wellbeing workshops

Wellbeing workshiops

Ideally aimed for 10 plus attendees per session, our workshops focus on how the body reacts to acute and chronic stress and provides each attendee self help techniques for them to use.

Typical learning outcomes are :

What is & What are the causes of Stress
Recognising how we breath and taking control of our breathing
How the body reacts to acute and chronic stress
Self Help- Self Massage techniques
Self Help – Peer to Peer massage techniques
Stretching techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique
Mindfulness & Meditation
Visualisation / Relaxation exercises
We sometimes ‘yellow stretchy men’ , ‘Stress balls’ and provide take home reminders in the form of a ‘bookmark’ of the self help techniques taught.

Sessions can be adapted to your requirements but typically last around 2.5 hours.

If you are interested in holding a workshop for your clients or to support your emploees please contact us so we can work out a specific programme and associated price for you.

‘Thankyou Nia & Daine, it was an absolute pleasure, the staff and families really enjoyed your presentation’ – Pam Davies, Tyrosenemia Conference Nov 2014.

‘Really enjoyed it and found the workshop very interesting and informative’. Great Venue, well presented and will benefit me immensely’ M&S workshop Mar 2015.

Headaches ? Trouble Sleeping ?

Do you have regular headaches or have trouble falling to sleep?

Why not try our Aroma Inhalers. Just £4 each. Click here to order yours today

Similar to a Vick stick these inhalers have a particular blend of essentials oils in them to help you.

By waving the inhaler under your nose and inhaling deeply you will immediately start to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the essential oils.

We recommend that you use the Insomnia inhaler to support your sleep about an hour before you retire and use every 20 minutes, taking deep breathes each time.

The same for headaches – when you feel your head and the slight discomfort start using your inhaler. Again taking deep breathes in through your nose with the inhaler underneath. Repeat every 20 minutes until you notice a change.

At £4 each they are a great as they last for at least 3 months and fit neatly into bag or pocket or even underneath your pillow.

Click here to go the our shop and order one today.



Beth Johnson Foundation & Macmillan Cancer Cook & Eat 2016

BJF cook and eat

Beth Johnson Foundation and MacMillan Cancer are running FREE Healthy Eating sessions for those living with and after Cancer

Starting from Friday 13th May at Whitfield Valley Centre, Fegg Hayes they will be holding 2 hours sessions over a course of 6 weeks.

If you want to book a place or have any questions please contact Alice at Beth Johnson on 01782 844036

Wellbeing Workshops in November

We are supporting Disability Solutions in November by running some Wellbeing Workshops at Newcastle Fire Station and Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre.

If you are interested in signing up to attend and join us please contact Disability Solutions directly.

Wellbeing workship
Wellbeing workship
Wellbeing workshop
Wellbeing workshop
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