Our Service

We offer a range of services which are aimed at being both accessible and affordable.

Support Groups, Care Home, Residential and Day Centres

We can visit your particular group or centre to provide ‘on-site’ treatments at affordable individual rates or part of a package.  Please contact us for more details so we can work with you to ensure we meet your needs.

Wellbeing Events

Experiencing a treatment can be expensive and quite daunting.  Organising a Wellbeing event within your own home is a perfect way of introducing yourself and your friends to these therapies or by just having an event to support your wellbeing.  A minimum of 5 people is required to host one of these events and each guest will be able to have a 15/20 minute treatment for just £10.

Wellbeing at work

Do you run a business or manage a business?  Supporting your workforce’s wellbeing is currently a hot topic – we can provide either a Wellbeing Programme to particularly  support stress or work with you to build a more hands on approach such as Massage at Desk treatments.  All aimed at relaxation but also ensuring each member of staff is invigorated.

Private Appointments

Can’t get to us at Blurton or prefer a more personal appointment?  We can come to you and visit you in your own home.  Prices are slightly higher for this one-2-one service than our clinic prices.  Please contact us directly so we can discuss with you further.


We sell a small range of products that have been chosen to support your wellbeing.  Our range includes our own blended range of Aroma Inhalers, Soaps, Shower products, Waxes and creams.

If you have a query about any of our services please contact us via the contact form on this site with your question or call us directly and we will be happy to discuss and answer for you.