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Wellbeing Workshops in November

We are supporting Disability Solutions in November by running some Wellbeing Workshops at Newcastle Fire Station and Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre.

If you are interested in signing up to attend and join us please contact Disability Solutions directly.

Wellbeing workship
Wellbeing workship
Wellbeing workshop
Wellbeing workshop

FREE Wellbeing Workshops 15th & 17th Sept

Insomnia.jggFREE Wellbeing Workshops at M&S Store Wolstanton Retial Park, Newcastle on 15th or 17th September.

These workshops are aimed at supporting individuals with long term conditions but is open to anyone who wants to help relieve stress, anxiety and promote relaxation.

We will instruct self massage, show you breathing techniques, some EFT and Mindfulness approaches.

Places need to be booked;

To book your free place for 15th Sept please click 15th Sept Event

To book your free place for the 17th Sept please click 17th Sept event

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.


Our FREE Wellbeing workshops are back!!

We are a social enterprise and any profit we make has a purpose and we are pleased to announce that we are holding a further 2 FREE wellbeing workshops in September at Marks & Spencers in Wolstanton, Newcastle.

We are offering one workshop on the 15th September from 2 – 4pm and the other on the 17th September from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

These workshops are designed to help improve stress, anxiety, depression and perception of pain.  We will show you simple steps to help those affected by a long term illness or those who look after and care for anyone affected.

Admission is Free but you will need to book your place as spaces are limited due to room size.

To book online please click on the link below for the date you want to come and complete the registration.

15th September Wellbeing workshop

17th September Wellbeing workshop

Workshops are free but if you wish to make a donation on the night towards our continued service we would be very grateful.

If you have any queries please email us at info@hands4wellbeing.co.uk

Lea Road Community Church Workshop

DSC_1025We visited Lea Road Community Church last month in Wolverhampton and facilitated a workshop with their Roma community.DSC_1027

We showed them self help techniques they can use on themselves but also on each other which can promote relaxation, support stress and anxiety but also reaches out and lets them able to work and communicate with each other in a caring way.

DSC_1031We had a great time and we think the pictures that were captured show it too.  We had great feedback and as a result are going back to them in October.



If you would like us to do a similar workshop in your community or organisation please contact us for details.

Feedback from our Workshop

We had a great time delivering our Wellbeing Workshop last week and asked everyone that came for some feedback.

We asked them to rate our workshop between 1 which was low, through to 5 which was high in three areas : Interesting, Useful and Relaxing

83% scored it 4/5 for Interesting

83% scored it 4/5 for Useful

92% scored it 4/5 for Relaxing.

Other comments we had were

Wonderful ladies, very enjoyable, very interesting and informative, very useful and  relaxing.

Favourite parts of the workshop were relaxing, breathing exercises, our stretchy yellow men, visualisation and being taught and practising self help techniques.

Watch out for future workshops but if you would like us to deliver one for your support group or you are an employer and would like to support your staff please get in touch.