Hand Reflex Self Help Card



This product was developed and designed by experienced Reflexologists resulting from the feedback from many clients who wanted something they could do themselves in order to support the common situations they experience from time to time, either in between treatments, or when they felt they need relief.

The Hand Reflexology Self Help card has been developed to be self explanatory and easy to use.  The diagram of the hand especially is unique, as it shows the hands as you view them before you,  and not back to front as you would normally see as with other reflexology charts or products.

The Reflexology points have been specifically chosen to aid the highlighted situations only and are more connected to the emotional side of these conditions.  All reflex points can be located on the plantar side of the hand, again making it easier for the user to locate them and use them.

Further Information Sheet

So users understand why the Reflexology points have been chosen and why they are said to help the situations on the card we have included a ‘further information’ sheet (same size as the card) explaining the anatomical information for each reflexology point.


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