My photography and Cancer. follow the link to read about the photography talks I have recently developed to help support anyone affected by Cancer and how it helped my own journey...


Privacy Notice – GPDR

Hands 4 Wellbeing is a not for profit enterprise which focuses on providing Complementary Therapy for people affected by, receiving treatment for or living with a long term medical condition or Cancer. The information you provide will be captured during your initial consultation with us and we will ask to you confirm the information is… Continue reading Privacy Notice – GPDR


We are getting excited…

We have been shortlisted for the Federation of Holistic Therapists Excellence Awards in November for Complementary Therapist of the year. We have developed a self help card to help popular symptoms we all experience from time highlighting the reflex points on the hand. This unique card shows the hands as you see them before you… Continue reading We are getting excited…


Give Hand Reflexology a try with our Self Help Cards..

We have developed some great hand reflexology self help cards highlighting commons situations which we all find ourselves experiencing from These A5 sized cards will show you the relevant Reflexology points on your hands and the sequence in which to massage them in order to bring about support. Common situations included on the card are… Continue reading Give Hand Reflexology a try with our Self Help Cards..