Headaches ? Trouble Sleeping ?

Do you have regular headaches or have trouble falling to sleep?

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Similar to a Vick stick these inhalers have a particular blend of essentials oils in them to help you.

By waving the inhaler under your nose and inhaling deeply you will immediately start to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the essential oils.

We recommend that you use the Insomnia inhaler to support your sleep about an hour before you retire and use every 20 minutes, taking deep breathes each time.

The same for headaches – when you feel your head and the slight discomfort start using your inhaler. Again taking deep breathes in through your nose with the inhaler underneath. Repeat every 20 minutes until you notice a change.

At £4 each they are a great as they last for at least 3 months and fit neatly into bag or pocket or even underneath your pillow.

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